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Light House - $24.25

Light House            Light House reverse side

Light House in window            Light House view

Light House close up view

LH700 - This Stained Glass Light House measures 8" by 6 1/2"  -  Shipping includes insurance, tracking number and Handling.

The light house is made with a white opaque glass and the blue is a semi-transparent glass. The ground is a green streaked opaque glass and surrounded with a transparent blue glass. The solder was stained with a black patina and the light house is encased in a zinc came.

This stained glass item was constructed using the copper-foil method. Each glass piece was hand-cut, ground to fit, and then wrapped in copper-foil. The pieces were then soldered together. This is an art that is centuries old and can never be imitated by modern technology.

We do not sell any machine made stained glass items. All stained glass items are made by hand in the U.S.A. and signed by the artist.

Due to the size of our sun catchers and panels, they should not be hung with suction cups. We suggest that you attach the clear fishing line or chain to the top of your window and secure with a nail or screw. This will keep the stained glass secure.

Thanks for looking.

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